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Prelude to How Customers View SocialCRM Initiatives

SAP CRM Insider 2011

SAP CRM Insider 2011

It is my privilege this week to be moderating a panel discussion at SAP CRM Insider 2011 on “How Customers View SocialCRM Initiatives” at the annual event held here in Orlando.

I’ll look forward to a lively discussion around this hot topic – of what has been described at a recent SocialCRM Summit in Madrid, Spain, as – “…not an extension of CRM, but a new kind of CRM based on engagement.” 

We’ll hear from Kiran Koons, SAP CRM Manager for Strategy and Architecture, Bentley Systems, and learn more about how her company, a software developer, is considering using SocialCRM.

Greg Langston, VP Sales for The Harris Products Group of Lincoln Electric, a company which makes welding products, will share some of his thoughts about SocialCRM, including how a number of customers are now evaluating his company on how well they are engaging in these channels.

Last but certainly not least, Brent Leary, SocialCRM advisor, consultant for CRM Essentials, will share his views on SocialCRM and how SME companies are finding new avenues, channels, and communities to engage within. 

I expect that my panelists and I, and the audience will have a little fun with this topic – for example, I found out, using social media, that one of my panelists was the former quarterback of the Purdue University football team, and that one of my panelists is a Friday night DJ and former trumpet player.

Perhaps if they dug into my own social media footprint, they’d discover that I’m a classical music 2.0 buff and that I love Japanese food. 

In the end, I trust the session will be a bit provacative as I will start off with the premise that “Senior Management doesn’t get Social Media” and expect to hear a wide range of examples of why or why not that is the case.

This is a fascinating topic, one which covers a lot of territory, begs more questions than answers, and of which we are still in the infancy stages. 

So with that as your “teaser”, see you Tuesday, March 22 at 230pm ET during #sapcrm2011 and we’ll share some of the outcomes in a follow up post!

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